Packaging with PyInstaller

With pyexcel-io v0.4.0, the way to package it has been changed because it uses lml for all plugins.

Built-in plugins of pyexcel-io

In order to package every built-in plugins of pyexcel-io, you need to specify:

--hidden-import pyexcel_io.readers.csvr
--hidden-import pyexcel_io.readers.csvz
--hidden-import pyexcel_io.readers.tsv
--hidden-import pyexcel_io.readers.tsvz
--hidden-import pyexcel_io.writers.csvw
--hidden-import pyexcel_io.readers.csvz
--hidden-import pyexcel_io.readers.tsv
--hidden-import pyexcel_io.readers.tsvz
--hidden-import pyexcel_io.database.importers.django
--hidden-import pyexcel_io.database.importers.sqlalchemy
--hidden-import pyexcel_io.database.exporters.django
--hidden-import pyexcel_io.database.exporters.sqlalchemy


In order to package pyexcel-xlsx, you need to specify:

--hidden-import pyexcel_xlsx
--hidden-import pyexcel_xlsx.xlsxr
--hidden-import pyexcel_xlsx.xlsxw


In order to package pyexcel-xlsxw, you need to specify:

--hidden-import pyexcel_xlsxw
--hidden-import pyexcel_xlsxw.xlsxw


In order to package pyexcel-xls, you need to specify:

--hidden-import pyexcel_xls
--hidden-import pyexcel_xls.xlsr
--hidden-import pyexcel_xls.xlsw


In order to package pyexcel-ods, you need to specify:

--hidden-import pyexcel_ods
--hidden-import pyexcel_ods.odsr
--hidden-import pyexcel_ods.odsw


In order to package pyexcel-ods3, you need to specify:

--hidden-import pyexcel_ods3
--hidden-import pyexcel_ods3.odsr
--hidden-import pyexcel_ods3.odsw


In order to package pyexcel-odsr, you need to specify:

--hidden-import pyexcel_odsr
--hidden-import pyexcel_odsr.odsr