Working with xls, xlsx, and ods formats


No longer, you will need to do explicit imports for pyexcel-io extensions. Instead, you install them and manage them via pip.

Work with physical file

Here’s what is needed:

>>> from pyexcel_io import save_data
>>> data = [[1,2,3]]
>>> save_data("test.xls", data)

And you can also get the data back:

>>> from pyexcel_io import get_data
>>> data = get_data("test.xls")
>>> data['pyexcel_sheet1']
[[1, 2, 3]]

Work with memory file

Here is the sample code to work with memory file:

>>> from pyexcel_io.manager import get_io
>>> io = get_io("xls")
>>> data = [[1,2,3]]
>>> save_data(io, data, "xls")

The difference is that you have mention file type if you use pyexcel_io.save_data()

And you can also get the data back:

>>> data = get_data(io, "xls")
>>> data['pyexcel_sheet1']
[[1, 2, 3]]

The same applies to pyexcel_io.get_data().

Other formats

As illustrated above, you can start to play with pyexcel-xlsx, pyexcel-ods and pyexcel-ods3 plugins.